Good Things Take Time

“Good things take time.”

Yes, Yes they do.

This is something I have learned the hard way. I am still trying to acquire this great quality they call patience.

For this Motivation Monday challenge, I want to train myself to become patient, knowing that only good can come out of it. By being patient, you can take time to self reflect and evaluate what you want, how to get it, and what to change within yourself to become a more refined version of you.

To achieve all those things, patience is required. I am naturally a very impatient person and when I want something, I want to make it happen now. I used to think this was a good quality to have but time has taught me otherwise. I’ve started to realize not only how ineffective this can be but also mentally and physically draining. Because you can’t do 30 things at once and give it your 100% effort.

You need patience by your side. You need time.

This simple equation can be the solution to many problems you can be facing. Just take a break for a second and think about just what is it you are trying to do. And do so with patience. Whether it be work, school, or socially related, patience and time are key elements in being successful.

So lets start this week on a positive note as we try to do so with patience. Because after all, good things take time. 😉




So, what do you think?

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