Hipster Water

Also goes by detox water. I’ve been seeing this on every social media platform, it’s almost ridiculous. To get to the bottom of this and see what all this hype was about, I decided to try it a few days ago. I skimmed through a few articles regarding detox water and found a mix I could potentially like. I cut up lemons, limes, cucumbers, strawberries, and mint and poured it in a pitcher full of water overnight.

Fruit family

Fruit family

Upon experimenting, I came across a few conclusions/realizations. They are, in no particular order, as follows:

1. Does it taste as good as it looks? Eh, not really. It tastes like lemony water with a hint of mint.
2. It IS a refreshing drink to have in the morning or on a hot summers day, as far as lemony water goes.
3. Would I try it again? Maybe. Only because it helps cleanse your body (broadly speaking).
4. Its pretty overrated.

Yes they look super trendy and hip on Pinterest and all, but the truth is that it’s just lemony water with great marketing. Not saying that its bad or anything but it doesn’t deserve the hype that it’s getting. It’s probably better to consume the actual fruit and water separately. However, if you want to substitute plain water for detox water (not fruit for detox water) then yes, this is beneficial to have in your daily intake of water to stay hydrated with a little bit of spark. This is all my personal opinion though. I would love to hear yours!

Do you have a different blend you recommend me trying that will alter my perception of Hipster Water? Share below!



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