Motivation Monday

Because Mondays can suck sometimes.

Refresh, Re-evaluate, Reset

Happy Monday friends! ❤

I hope you had an overall successful week last week and are ready to tackle this one!

Sooo…for today's Motivation Monday, I have a challenge for you!
I want you to pick a day out of the week, perhaps a day where you have some time on your hands (a weekend?) and choose that day from here on out to Refresh, Re-evaluate, and go into Reset mode for the upcoming week. Make that day a regular happening in the week.

What do I mean by Refresh, Re-evaluate, Reset?

Refresh: Take the time to do something that will refresh your mind, it can be to read a book you’ve been keeping up with, or to put some effort into one of your hobbies. Doing something you like and something that is personal (and not because you have to) will have you feeling refreshed for sure!

Re-evaulate: Take a look back on the past week, see if you’ve accomplished your objectives/goals that you had previously set out to achieve. Take some time to reflect on what you took away from the previous week and if there was anything you could have done differently. Then, make a set of objectives/goals for next week that you wish to accomplish. Of course, this all does not have to be mechanical. Everyone has their own style in getting things done and planning out their week. This is merely just an “inspirational framework”, if you will.

Reset: After your goals are set, and time for reflection has been made, your mind will automatically go into a “reset mode” for the week. For example, my day is Sunday. I call my Sundays “Reset mode Sunday.” It’s the day where I do some reading, plan out my next week using my planner, finish some last minute assignments, and spend time with my loved ones. At the end of the day, I get this “reset mode” feeling, where I am ready (not dreading) to tackle the upcoming week and make the most out of it.

Yes you do!

Yes you do!

Hope this helps! Let me know if you practice similar methods, I would love to hear it!




Inhale The Sun, Exhale The Storm


I apologize for posting so late, I usually try to have my Motivation Mondays up early in the day to give you that boost of energy to start off your day and carry on to your week! Hopefully this post will make up for it. 🙂

So lately, the weather in Florida has been great. Surprise, surprise, I know. But no really. Sunshine all around, minimal humidity, and great tanning weather! I’ve been studying for exams out by my pool every chance I get because I don’t want to miss out on all that sunshine. Like many people, I find great weather to affect my mood. Big time. Whenever it’s sunny, I can just feel that I am going to have a wonderful productive day. If I can’t be outdoors, I will usually open all my windows and curtains to let the sun drench my room/apartment.
A bright atmosphere will make way for an even brighter day.

Today, and everyday.

Today, and everyday.

Which is why for my Motivational Monday segment this week, I thought I would relate this great weather with a positive attitude. Inhale the sun, exhale the storm. Winter has passed. Or at least for most places, the harsh winter has passed! Use the spring, serene, and fresh weather to help you channel all your positive energy.
Focus on the good, ignore the bad, look forward to the best.
Join me as I try to approach this week with a bright and positive attitude!

Remember that everyday is a new chance to be the best and brightest version of yourself. 🙂



Rich Life

And no, I do not mean money-wise rich, ya big sillies!

For this motivation Monday segment, I want you to take some time to reflect on what it means for you to live a rich life. What do you want it to mean for you?

Although having money and being that kind of “rich” doesn’t buy happiness, it sure as hell makes it a whole lot easier to be happy, and I understand that. But aside from that, having a rich life can mean many things, depending on the type of person that you are.



For example, having a rich life for me means to have as many adventures, experiences, ups and downs as I can. It doesn’t necessarily correlate with good things only. It simply means living life prepared to feel a full spectrum of emotions. And that takes a lot of courage. You don’t have to travel the world in 80 days or make millions of dollars to experience these things. Depending on who you are, it can be something as small as going to the sale rack at Zara and finding that top (in your size, bam!) you’ve always wanted to buy but was out of your price range. It could also be a breakup. Or you could have went on a summer Euro trip. The feels that come along with those experiences trigger certain emotions that make living life just a little but fuller. If we always had good times then these experiences would be worthless and meaningless to us. If you experience bad times, then when the good eventually comes along, you’ll automatically appreciate it more and know how valuable these feelings are. This is what it means to live a rich life for me.

A life full of experiences is worth SO much more than sitting in a million dollar house with none at all. I’ve had so many ups, downs, and changes in my life but as I look back, I’m realizing how much I learned and am still learning along the way. I look forward to this roller coaster called life and I’m ready to take on the next big thing!

So tell me, what’s your definition of a Rich Life?



Good Things Take Time

“Good things take time.”

Yes, Yes they do.

This is something I have learned the hard way. I am still trying to acquire this great quality they call patience.

For this Motivation Monday challenge, I want to train myself to become patient, knowing that only good can come out of it. By being patient, you can take time to self reflect and evaluate what you want, how to get it, and what to change within yourself to become a more refined version of you.

To achieve all those things, patience is required. I am naturally a very impatient person and when I want something, I want to make it happen now. I used to think this was a good quality to have but time has taught me otherwise. I’ve started to realize not only how ineffective this can be but also mentally and physically draining. Because you can’t do 30 things at once and give it your 100% effort.

You need patience by your side. You need time.

This simple equation can be the solution to many problems you can be facing. Just take a break for a second and think about just what is it you are trying to do. And do so with patience. Whether it be work, school, or socially related, patience and time are key elements in being successful.

So lets start this week on a positive note as we try to do so with patience. Because after all, good things take time. 😉



Fake It Till You Feel It

Mindy Kaling knows everything

Mindy Kaling knows everything

You know when you wake up to one of those days where you’re just dreading to even get out of bed? Well I’m having one of those days today. I have been pretty stressed out with upcoming exams, work, and just college stuff that needs to be taken care of.

I recently read somewhere that if you are feeling crummy or stressed, you should kind of force yourself to be happy (I know, it sounds weird) and then eventually you will feel happy. I thought this would be the perfect day to put this theory into practice for the Motivation Monday Challenge.

A “Fake it till you feel it” attitude shall be in order today.

Even though I have so much to do today (this week in general), I will try to approach it with a positive attitude, instead of dreadful one. This is easier said than done of course. Even right now I am having a hard time attempting it!
But I will do it, and for those of you who are experiencing a day like mine, let’s do this together. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful, positive Fake-it-till-you-feel-it day!
I know I will.



Classy, Versatile, and Insightful

“Classy,Versatile, and Insightful.”

Those are the three words that I would like people to use when describing me.

For the first motivational Monday segment, I wanted to inspire you to think of three words that YOU want people to use when describing you. These words can be things you are striving to be, or things you already believe that you are.

To dive deeper, think of three words that you DON’T want people to use when describing you as well.

Three things that I do not want people to use when they describe me?

“Insincere, cynical, and malicious.”

Share your thoughts below on what your favorable/unfavorable words are!

And don’t forget, Mondays are YOUR days. 😉